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quarterly in poetry and experimental writing

[Jan - April - July - October]

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#3 Patrick Romero, Charlie Ulyatt, Rebekka Yallop, Julieta Caldas, Christopher Lloyd, India Boxall, Meredith Grace Thompson, Dom Hale, Nasim Luczaj, George Wigens, Rachel Cleverly, Jorge Lopez Llorente, Rosie Roberts, Angus Sinclair, Holly Parkinson, Rie Marsden, Cleo Henry, Naomi Marklew, Clara Hancock, Katy Lewis Hood, Joyce Cesario, Alex Marsh, Beth Cochrane, Rebecca Rosén, Barney Ashton-Bullock, Umang Kalra

#2 Fred Spoliar, Maria Sledmere, Eloise Birtwhistle, Gwen Dupré, Tessa Berring, Meredith Grace Thompson, Martin Schauss, Max Parnell, Saskia McCracken, Stephen Emmerson, sorele m’beit carmel, Cai Draper, Hayley McGaw, Fred Carter, Teo Eve, Fiona Allan, Ellen MacAskill, Carolyn Hashimoto.

# 1Gloria Dawson, Maria Howard, Ruthie Kennedy, Chris Timmins, Xavier Boucherat, Maria Ilona Moore, Laura Mayer, Marsha Webb, Sasha Saben Callaghan, Sandra Horn, Stella Hervey Birrell, Zoë Glen, Joanna Brown, Kit Duddy, Alec Finlay, Edd Carr, Mikey E. Pestle, Rachel Burns, Christian Lemay and Ashby McGowan.